Juvenile Defense

Why choose a lawyer who is Board Certified in Juvenile Law and Criminal Law for your child?

Juveniles in Texas are subject to the same criminal laws as adults. However, the rules of evidence and procedure in juvenile cases consist of a hybrid mix of civil and criminal rules. As a result, all Juvenile lawyers in Texas must know the Juvenile Justice Code and the Civil Procedure Code as well as the adult criminal codes - the Texas Penal Code and the Texas Criminal Rules of Evidence. Furthermore, all juveniles are afforded the same constitutional rights as adults and it is vital that you have a lawyer who knows the law and the legal limits that law enforcement must follow.

With the enormous resources that state prosecutors have it is vitally important that your child obtain the best representation available. A lawyer who is Board Certified in juvenile law and in criminal law has that extra edge of knowledge, experience and specialization that can help your child obtain the best representation in the courtroom.

Your child is your future - why shouldn't your child deserve the best representation you can provide for them in court.

I do my utmost to work with families so they can afford my services because I truly care about helping your child.

Being charged with a crime as a juvenile can be a terrifying and lonely experience. Your child needs a lawyer who can help reassure them that they have someone in their corner who will fight for them and help them in this time of their life. As a former Assistant District Attorney I handled hundreds of serious juvenile cases and I know the legal issues in those cases. I also have a unique perspective and inside knowledge for what prosecutors consider when making their decisions on these offenses. In those cases where the prosecution is requesting that the judge order that your child be tried as an adult I have a wealth of experience in knowing what is important in your child's juvenile court proceeding.

Taking the time to consult with me could mean a huge difference in how your child's case is handled and my first consultation is free. Every consultation is strictly confidential.

Acting fast after arrest can sometimes mean your child's charge can be stopped before it's even filed by prosecutors. That is why it is vitally important to contact me without delay as soon as your child is arrested.

Juvenile law can be a complex and unique field of law for any lawyer, even an experienced adult criminal defense lawyer.

Juveniles are never found guilty of a crime like an adult - they are adjudicated delinquent and found to have engaged in delinquent conduct based on the criminal law they are alleged to have violated. This is an important distinction because in many cases a juveniles record can be sealed even after a judge or jury finds that the juvenile engaged in delinquent conduct. A juvenile can only be adjudicated delinquent if it is determined beyond a reasonable doubt that they violated a criminal law (a delinquent offense) in the State of Texas.

Once a finding of delinquent conduct has been made Texas Juvenile law has various ranges of sentences or dispositions which a juvenile court may decide to impose on a juvenile in the disposition phase of a child's case. Understanding the differences that each outcome may have on your child's future is critical. I can put my experience and knowledge to work to fight to protect your child's future during all phases of their case.

My experience in adult criminal cases and juvenile cases is unique in that I have a great deal of experience in both areas. Very few lawyers can claim my level of experience in both adult criminal law and juvenile law and even fewer are Board Certified in both fields. In fact, there are less than 25 lawyers in the State of Texas with this dual board certification.

Juvenile Drug or Alcohol Addiction issues.

Juveniles with drug or alcohol addiction issues face different challenges and issues than adults with the same addictions. As a founding member of the juvenile courts SOAR (Sobriety Over Addiction and Relapse) drug court I am in a unique position to help guide your child through the juvenile court system's treatment efforts to help your child. Every child should grow up sober and ready to succeed in life and my goal in these cases is help your child reach those goals while ensuring that all of their rights are protected.

Juvenile Mental Health issues.

As a former member of the Mental Health Court in the 314th Juvenile District Court I worked with juvenile probation mental health experts and psychologists to help children with mental health issues. I know many of the issues and challenges a parent faces with children who have mental health diagnoses and I will use all my experience to help you and your child get through the juvenile system. In all cases it is legally required that a child be competent or fit to proceed before any legal action can be taken. Understanding the law and how mental health issues affect the legal consequences of your child's case is an area I have been working with for many years in the juvenile system. Let me put all my knowledge and experience to work for you and your child.

My Background in Juvenile Law.

I have personally handled over 100 Juvenile First Degree Felony cases as either a jury trial, court trial, certification hearing or a determinate transfer hearing while I was employed in the Harris County District Attorneys Office. In addition I have also handled thousands of other juvenile cases in my career - from misdemeanor offenses to capital murders. I know how prosecutors handle those cases and I have the experience to navigate your child's case through the juvenile court system. Contact me today at 832.794.1230; by email at HansNielsenAttorney@gmail.com or through my contact form on this site and we can discuss your case in my office or on the phone as soon as possible.

Juvenile Court Experience.

Former Chief of the Juvenile Division - Harris County District Attorneys Office
Former Chief prosecutor for the 315th Juvenile District Court, Harris County, Judge Michael Schneider
Former Chief prosecutor for the 314th Juvenile District Court, Harris County, Judge John Phillips

Specialty Courts.

Former Prosecutor - Harris County Juvenile Court SOAR (Sobriety Over Addiction and Relapse), 315th District Court.
Former Prosecutor - Harris County Juvenile Mental Health Court, 314th District Court.

Noted Speaker at several Houston Bar Association and Texas State Bar Juvenile Law Seminars.

I have been the speaker at several law enforcement and school administrators training seminars in the field of juvenile confessions, search and seizure and safe schools

I have testified and been recognized as an Expert Witness in Juvenile Law in an Adult Criminal District Jury Trial

Member Texas Bar College

Member Houston Bar Association Juvenile Law Section
Houston Bar Association Juvenile Law Section Council Board Member – 2017

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